Paint, paint, and more paint!

We've been painted nonstop for the past 9 days and we are almost done!  We've panted almost every room, hallway, nook and cranny of our new home.  Every night either Cory or I go into the house and paint until we can't paint anymore...boy I can't wait until we are done!  We are hoping to be moved in by the end of next weekend.  It'll be amazing to finally be moved in!

Our social worker came on Thursday to update our home study.  It was nice to meet with him and hear about the Ethiopia program, both the ups and the downs.  Right now (even with the extended wait times) families are waiting about 25 months.  On Friday, we will have waited 21 months.  I know that we are close however I also know that anything can happen and that I need to be realistic.  Ben (our current social worker) said that we may have to even update our home study one more time (which would be next March) prior to baby E coming home.  It was pretty devastating hearing that we may not have baby E home one year from now.  I'm trying as hard as I can to just give it all over to God and to not stress about it too much, however that's easier said than done.  I just need to remember that in the end the wait will be all worth it when I hold our newest miracle in my arms!

That's about it for us right now...we'll update more once we get all moved.  Take care everyone!


It's crazy around our house lately...

and blogging has taken a backseat so to speak.  Between running here and there daily, snow days, projects that need to be completed, decisions on the new house, packing, and our jobs we haven't had a ton of extra time lately to blog or do much else.  Hopefully when we get into the house and things settle down I'll have more time to write.  Until then, we hope everyone is doing well!