Life on the farm...

Well, we still don't have the Internet. To be honest, I miss it some but since I can still check my e-mail and things like that at work it's not the worst thing in the world not having the Internet at home.

Things have been really busy and life has continued to keep us running, but things seem so much more relaxed living on a farm. It's going to be hard when we do find a home to purchase if it's in town again. Maybe we'll just stay in our new home forever...who knows!!!

Allie is LOVING the farm!!! Shortly after we moved in she walked out the door in the morning and she exclaimed, "Good morning birds, good morning cows, good morning kitties!" I just melted!!! She loves the freedom she gained with living in the country along with the cats we inherited (one whom just gave birth to 5 babies)!!!

Last Friday, our social worker (coincidentaly the same social worker we had with Allie's adoption) came to visit. We updated our home study and other paperwork that needs to be completed annually. I just pray that we only have to update our paperwork one more time! Hopefully one year from now we will have a referral for our baby E or will be very close to receiving our referral. Only time will tell!

Hope all is well with everyone and we'll hopefully be able to post again soon!