Carving pumpkins

Hallie came over tonight and Allie and Hallie had fun carving Allie's first pumpkin! Hallie is my friend, Kari's, 5 1/2 year old daughter who Allie looks up to more than you'd ever imagine! We had fun and I hope to carve more pumpkins next weekend!


How cute are these?!?!?

Can you guess what's on my wish list for our Christmas tree???

p.s. Leo, I am SO getting you one of these for Christmas too!


And then came Sunday...

There's no better way to end my weekend then by spending time with Allie (and Cory)! Have a great week everyone!


Lazy Saturday afternoon with Sarah and Allie

Sarah is our 16 year old neighbor from our old house and we just love her (and her family)! She's almost like a little sister to me and a big sister to Allie (I suppose she could be like a daughter, but I like to think that I'm not old enough for that one). We are lucky enough to be able to still spend time together every so often. Today was one of those days and Allie just couldn't get enough of Sarah!


Wait time...

Sounds like our wait is now being extended for baby E. They are now saying that we are looking at "at least a 24 month wait if not more". We were thinking we were getting closer to the call (at least we thought it would be sometime this school year)...looks like we were wrong. Sigh...

15 months down...


Parade time

We had a very busy Labor Day weekend that included a wedding, lots of family time, a little shopping, and a parade in Tracy. Allie enjoyed the parade for the most part, but decided that she's scared to death of clowns! She spent the end of the parade on Kari's/my lap which ever one was as far away from the clowns as possible. Oh well...she enjoyed getting candy and daddy enjoyed eating it!