Update on C...

We received an update today and it was great to read!  C is doing well and we found out that now that we have our NOC, we are "done with all of the central government stuff"...which means we can finally have contact with the orphanage, add them to our facebook pages, and have a sense of connection to C!   We are beyond thrilled!!!

Here's what we received for her update today!

She is about 31 inches tall and just barely 19 pounds...she's our little peanut that's for sure!

Special Notes:  Good smile. Walks and runs well. Enjoy picture books. Loving, attached and active child. She can play with paper. Plays well with toys, other children and staff. She is interested in group activities. Exhibits toy possessiveness. She pays attention to what is happening around her. Imitate adult actions and sounds. Finger feed. She says Chachi, umma, amma, ta ta, kakka, chetta. Follow simple directions. Express affection. Stack 5 or 6 blocks. Throw ball. She can drink from a water bottle. Walk up and down stairs with assistance. She can explore how objects fit together. Take objects out of containers by hand or dumping them out. She can bend down to pick up something and then stand back up to walk across the floor. Beginning to show hand preference. Vocabulary of 6 + words. Climbs in windows if given opportunity. Walk up stairs assisted. Has begun toilet training. She is a cute child. She is in the play school.



Saturday night Cory, Allie and I were on the way home from my parents' house and we stopped by HyVee for some groceries and some supper.  Allie and I split a chinese meal.  She loved it and (like always) Cory grabbed my fortune cookie to eat.  When he opened it, he had a weird look on his face.  I grabbed the fortune to read it and...

as soon as I read it I was smiling from ear to ear.  Cory on the other hand just laughed and was going to throw it away.  I told him he couldn't and took it from him.  When we got back to the car, I placed it in my little speedometer area.  

Now for the really cool part...We are excited to announce that just three days later (last night) we received an e-mail from our social worker who said that we have our NOC!!!!!  This was the document we were waiting on that we didn't think we'd have for months!!!  We have four hearings over the next two months and after that there are just a few paperwork things that need to be accomplished before we can meet our precious little C.  The way it sounds (although things are never on a timeline with adoption) we should be traveling in 3 or so months!!!  We are over the moon excited!!!  We're coming C!!!


It's been a while

Things around here have been crazy over the past few weeks and although I'd love to blog about all of the different things, I'm just going to post a few pictures from our trip to the apple orchard today!