Como Zoo

My sister and I decided that we wanted to take our kids to the zoo this summer, so this past weekend we packed the kids up and headed to the cities! We had tons of fun shopping, visiting, and just hanging out! We just hope next time it won't be so hot!

The zoo was fun, but it was HOT! Unfortunately, we forgot our swimsuits in the car...but that didn't stop the kids from having a blast in the water park area of the zoo!


More pictures from today...

I just love to take pictures!

Last year, our camera broke and we decided to spend more money on a good camera instead of just buying an okay camera. At that time, I was pretty busy with work, Allie, packing/unpacking to play around with all of the settings and lenses. Now that I have the summer off, I can't get enough of taking pictures with it! I'm really hoping to get better at the different functions that my camera has in the next few weeks before I have to go back to work...so that leaves me with LOTS of pictures to post of our little pumpkin! Enjoy!


Adoption Clothes

Those of you who are familiar with adoption blogs, you probably already know that many families out there fundraise for their adoptions. One of my favorite fundraisers is t-shirts that are custom designed for each couple. I love being able to wear the t-shirts and share the story behind the shirt as well as share with people our path to parenthood.

I would like to add some of these shirts to my closet soon, but I was hoping that my blog readers will comment in my comment section if you have a favorite that I haven't come across yet! I'm excited to see if anyone has any fun new designs that I haven't seen yet!

This woman is SOOOO talented! Even if you aren't into the adoption shirts, check out her site!
Love this style and the colors!


Sprinkler time!

Yesterday was so hot, we (Kari & I) decided to let the kids run through the sprinkler. They all had a blast!!!