The day is done....

and all I have to say is God bless the Coca-Cola corporation, Amen!


As the first week of school is coming to an end, I sit here at my computer feeling a little out of sorts and shocked that it has come and gone so swiftly. This week, twently little darlings kept me on my toes every second of every day. I was so busy each day that I didn't even get a drink of my Diet Coke with lime until at least 10:30 am. Very unsual for someone who's usually cracking open a can before the sun even thinks about rising! Oh well, it's been a great week but boy am I glad it's Friday!


Boy am I going to miss her today or what?!?!

We had such an amazing summer together, I only hope that we can make as many wonderful memories every summer as we did this year! I love you sweetie!


'Twas the night before school...

..and I am completing the last minute things that are on my to do list and making sure I have the staples that are key for making my first day of school a success: lesson plans, marshmallows, and Diet Coke with lime.

Lesson plans are completed weekly, I've never understood how some people write lesson plans weeks in advance. Maybe someday I will be able to be that organized, but for now one week ahead of time works in my world. Mmmmm...Diet Coke with lime...Without my caffeine fix tomorrow morning, it is highly unlikely I will be able to keep up with the 20 darling children who are about to run my life for the next 185 school days. 

Oh, and the marshmallows you ask? Those are a fun and not so unique way to teach my first graders to walk through the hallway quietly. Let’s see…lesson plans, check...coffee ready to brew in the morning, check...clothes laid out for the week for both Allie and myself, check...marshmallows and skittles (another get to know you activity), check and check…and last, but certainly not least, one case of diet coke with lime, check! I think I’m ready!

Cory’s already upstairs snoring, now I just have to try and fall asleep. Impressive, isn't it, that he can sleep with such ease on the eve of my first day of school?! Guess school starting is not nearly as exciting for him...


Making the most of the last few days home with Allie!

Today is the last official day of summer vacation. Of course, there's still the weekend between me and my first day back, but this is the last day that Allie and I will spend together - just the two of us. Like any good mommy, we decided that we should do summer out in style. Baking cookies from scratch (this coming from a 2 year old that thinks that all cookies come in precut break apart pieces that you pull apart and bake) in the morning, a great picnic for lunch, a little swimming in the afternoon, and a two hour nap for both mommy and Allie!
I can't express enough how badly I wish I could stay at home and love her (and her brother/sister) to pieces every day! I'm not sure who's going to have a harder time with me going back to school!


I'm so excited!

When we sold our house, we weren't able to find the right house for us and didn't want to jump into a house we didn't like...so we decided to rent a farm site from a really good friend. Since we've moved we've continued to look at houses and tonight we found our house!!! It's a nice 4 bedroom and 2 bathroom house with not too much work that we have to do prior to moving in. The couple that lives there is building a town home, so we won't be able to move in until close to spring and that's okay with us. We're excited to have OUR house that we grow old in prior to bringing home our second child!!!


The things they pick up on at age two!

We get in my vehicle this morning and as I was pulling out of the driveway, it started beeping (seatbelt sign). Without missing a beat Allie said, "Put your seatbelt on mommy! PLEASE?!" (Do you think she hears me tell her daddy that?!) I put in on and chuckled to myself...man I'm going to miss spending every day with her!


Long time friends...

On Friday night my high school friend, Shallyn, and her two kiddos came to visit us and we had a blast! Even though we don't see each other very often, we always know we can count on each other when need be. It was fun to finally get our kids together! Kason is 16 months older than Allie and Allie is almost exactly one year older than Ellie. It was funny because Allie is a tad taller than Kason and she TOWERS over Ellie. All in all, the kids got along great and both Kason and Allie were asking for each other the next morning!


Maternity leave

I put in my letter of maternity leave request today (we are supposed to submit it at least 3 months prior to taking leave and preferably at the beginning of a school year) and I was surprised at how overwhelmed I was with emotion. It's hard to believe that we've been already waiting for 14 months and when asked by my superintendent today when we expect to receive a referral, my answer to him was that we are hoping that it's sometime this school year. This adoption has already much longer than what we originally expected and it has seemed almost not real. Today something about handing in that letter made it seem as though it might actually someday really happen. I pray that this time next year we are already home with our newest little miracle...hey a girl can dream can't she!?!