I just got off the phone with our social worker...our newest CIS updates and Adam Walsh paperwork is lost. I sent it to CHSFS a couple of weeks ago and it's MIA! Just our luck...why isn't this easier? I shed a few tears of frustration and now I'm off to complete them again! Uhhhhhhhgggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dance moves

This past weekend, Cory's brother got married in Rochester. Unfortunately, we didn't get many good pictures or any pictures of the three of us for that matter. However, I did get some random pictures of Allies unique dance moves.

Here's the move Cory called "the peeing dog." Allie would get on all fours and lift one leg up in the air and just hold it there! It was beyond funny and everyone got quite a kick out of it! She would then lay on the floor and turn around...almost like a breakdancing move! Oh Allie, you sure have your own little style of dancing...you must get that from your dad!

Allie's version of getting "baby E" at 2 years 3 months old

Me: "Allie, how are we going to go get your brother or sister?"

Allie: "Mommy go up in de air in airpain!"

Me: "That's right! Where is mommy going?"

Allie: "To Opiopia!"

Me: "Ethiopia, that's right! What's Allie going to do?"

Allie: "Allie stay with daddy, eat supper. Allie be fine, it's okay."

Me: "Why can't Allie come with mommy to Ethiopia?"

Allie: "Lots of pokies (shots), ucky pokies!"

Me: "Yeah, mommy has to get lots of pokies to go to Ethiopia. What is Allie going to do with Baby E when he/she gets home?"

Allie: "I change baby E's diapers. Baby E poops alot!"

***This conversation happens a lot at our house...she loves to talk about baby E and we love hearing it! We did get it on tape, but we are having trouble uploading it...we'll try again later!


Summer fun at our house!

The things 2 year olds say...

"Night-Night momma! Love you! Don't let the bed bugs eat you!" : ) Too cute!


One year waiting

When a couple is pregnant, they have many milestones that helps them to get through the 40 weeks of waiting for their newest little miracle to arrive. With adoption, the milestones aren't as frequent and often times are (from our experience) celebrated more on a private level.

On June 5 we celebrated a big milestone in our journey to our baby E (or baby E's if it's twins...wink wink), we celebrated our one year anniversary of being on "the list." One year officially waiting! Can you believe it?

We know that we are now one year closer to our second child, however it's hard not to think about the changes that have happened since we began this journey to baby E. When we began this adoption, we were hoping to be receiving a referral right about now. We were hoping that by the end of the summer, we would be in Ethiopia and that I would take this entire school year off. The reality is that we have at least another year before we receive a referral and then at least 4-6 months before we are home as a family of four. I pray that our time line doesn't extend longer than that...


Finally back to our blog!

It's been a long while since we've had the Internet and since we've updated our blog. I'm going to post a picture or two for now and I promise I'll write more soon! I've missed being able to check in on all of my favorite blogs, but I have to admit that I've been so productive since not having the Internet!!! Oh well, guess Cory will have to be okay with the house not being 100% clean when he gets home at night!!!

Enjoy the pictures and I hope everyone is having an amazing summer!!!