Tea party and matching PJ's

My principal sent a gift for Charu the other day and one part of it was a tea party set...I can't get over how much the girls LOVE it!  Charu is constantly requesting, "I tea party" just as plain as day!  Allie is always up for playing pretend and will bring EVERY stuffed animal upstairs to play tea party without hesitation.  

The last two pictures are from this afternoon.  They had a bath after nap and instead of putting another clean outfit on them, I decided to just put them in there PJ's.  I can't get over how much I like putting matching clothes on the girls (and they love it too)!  Charu was sooooo excited when she saw that Allie had a strawberry on her PJ's just like she did!  I know they won't always like to dress in matching outfits, but for now it could be kind of addicting!  I have a hard time finding coordinating outfits though because Charu is in 18-24 clothes (they are even big on her now as she lost two pounds when she was sick) and Allie is in at least a size 6!  Most of the little girl clothes only go to a size 5 and the older girl clothes looks like it should be on a 10 year old!  If anyone knows stores with coordinating outfits for a toddler and a size 6/7, please let me know...I'm searching for Easter dresses!



We love books around here and although we've been going to the library once a week to check out books, I like having books that are ours because later I find Allie "reading" the books to Charu.  It's always fun to see how much she remembers about a book a week or two later and the joy she has as she's retelling the story to her sister is priceless!  So...last week I ordered some books from the Scholastic book orders and last night they arrived.  I just wanted to share a few of our favorites thus far!

It's an adorable story about a spoon who is jealous of his friends Knife, Fork and Chopsticks. Then you find out what they're saying they wish they were a spoon! Spoon comes to realize that being a spoon is pretty fun after all. The illustrations are just perfect and very entertaining. It's a short book, but when we read it we really make emphasis on what everyone is saying.  Truly a great lesson in this book for any child!

The Sandwich Swap is a beautiful story that helps children to understand and appreciate the differences of cultures. It is told in a easy to understand format so that audiences of all ages can enjoy.  A must read book for EVERY child!

This book is a wonderful story of unconditional love, coupled with beautiful illustrations. The book starts with a mother tucking her son into bed and saying, "I love you my wonderful child." The son then asks if she would still love him if he were a scary swamp monster, a meat eating dinosaur, or a smelly skunk. Always, the mother answers that she would love him no matter what and would always help and take care of him. It's a positive, uplifting story that both parents and young children will enjoy!

This story isn't necessarily unusual or plot-twisting, but it's a very sweet story about a pig who lives with a foster family of dogs. The photos are great!  Definitely a good way to teach your children about how there are many different types of families and the love families have for one another. 

Cute story with a great message told with lots of rhythm and rhyme about reaching out to others even when it seems impossible.  I can tell Allie will be requesting this one A LOT!

More book suggestions coming soon!


Mud Play Dough!

Last week we made mud play dough and the girls have had so much fun playing with it!  I found some creepy bugs, little shovels, and some mini pails at the dollar store and they've been having a blast playing in the "mud" ever since.  I haven't taken pictures of them playing with it, but here are some pictures of them making the dough and the recipe is linked at the bottom if you are interested!

A girl just has to LOVE Pinterest!!!

(Bad picture, but you get the point)

This recipe makes a LOT of dough and the dough stays SO moist!  We are going to make a batch for Allie to take with her to preschool next week, she's so excited!


Oh how I love these two little pumpkins!

My girls LOVE music and on Sundays we always listen to kid's church-type music in the morning and in the car.  On the way to church this morning the girls were belting out, "I am so happy, so very happy."  Totally melted my heart to hear Charu (home for 2 1/2 months) sing, "I so hoppy, so hoppy."  Cory looked at me and said she really is happy isn't she?!  Even in the toughest moments...they really adore each other and we are blessed!  I hope and pray that everyone gets to feel this joy we have when we watch our daughters together!  
For those of you wondering, church is still a work in progress!  Some weeks it goes smoothly and other weeks (like today) I leave just thankful we even made it through the service!  ARGH!


Somewhat wordless Wednesday...

3 years 10 months old...

A little about Allie at 3 years 10 months old...

Height: 47 inches tall
Weight: 47 1/2 pounds

Books:  Pinkalicious, I Spy books, pretty much any book is a good book for Allie
Song:  I'm Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee
Color: Aqua
Toy:  Babies
Game:  Candyland
Food:  Pasta (except spaghetti), lettuce salads, any fruit, and of course she has her daddy's sweet tooth!
Drink:  MILK!!!
Activity:  Swinging, music, dancing, preschool, bath time, doing projects with mom, reading books, and drawing
Cartoon:  Max & Ruby
Movies:  Beauty & the Beast
What do you want to be when you grow up?  An artist
Who's your favorite person in the whole world?  Charu (They really get along great most of the time!)
Where do you want to live when you grow up?  At first she said with us, but then changed her mind and decided she was going to live in India
What kind of birthday party do you think you want to have this year?  Olivia