A gift from the heart

Christmas isn't about gifts. It isn't about the amount of money you spend on someone or about if you can "out do" someone else's gift. Instead Christmas is about family, love, giving, and about Jesus.

On Friday, we celebrated Christmas on my side. Upon walking into my parents house, we could see the presents that grandma and grandpa had bought to spoil the grand kids. What we didn't realize right away was that there was an extra special present under the tree. This present probably didn't cost a ton of money, but it was a present that is priceless to us...it was a gift for 'Baby E.' My mom had an 8 X 8 scrapbook made for 'baby E.' It has adoption poems in it, maps of Africa and Ethiopia, animals that are indigenous to Ethiopia, as well as areas to add pictures once we receive our referral and information about Allie's reaction to 'baby E.' We were amazed at how much thought and love went into this book. Not only was the book a wonderful keepsake for 'baby E', but just having people recognize that 'baby E' is already a part of our family was equally as special. This book was hands down the most amazing gift (with exception of Allie) we've ever been given.

I'll post some pictures of the book soon!


Tammy said...

Very thoughtful! You are lucky!

HMK said...

What a special gift indeed!