Necklace giveaway!

For 2 1/2 years we've been acquiring things for "baby E" in our home that either embrace the Ethiopian culture or helped us to feel closer to him/her.  Now that we've decided that Ethiopia is no longer in our families future, we no longer know what to do with these things.  Some of them, we are going to keep to teach our children about the culture because we love it so much.  Other things, we feel could use a new home.

When we began our journey to baby E back in January of 2009, we began trying to learn everything we could about Ethiopia.  I began to surf blogs and soon stumbled across Junkposse and I fell in love with not only her jewelry, but also her story.  Tracy is an adoptive mom and grandmother and dedicates her work to various causes.  Her work is amazing and a portion of her profits goes toward numerous non-profit organizations.  Once I saw Tracy's work, I knew that someday I wanted to own one of her necklaces.

Our first giveaway is a gently used (I've only had it a few months) necklace that was made by Tracy and it's in the shape of a wing with the word Ethiopia inscribed on the back.  Tracy designed this necklace for the Ethiopian Angels because when she looks at the shape of Ethiopia she thinks it looks like it's shaped like a wing.  Take my word for it, is even more beautiful in person!

To win this necklace, simply leave a comment telling my why you would like to have it and if you have a blog I'd love it if you could blog about the giveaway.  We will be drawing a winner sometime next Saturday (5/21)...my first day of summer break!!!


ONA Yahoo said...

HI, I would love the necklace b/c it is beautiful!!! We escorted our daughter home form Ethiopia and I have always felt like I missed out on the countrys beauty.. Thanks!!

ONA Yahoo said...
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Shannon- said...

It's gorgeous. I would love it as the ones I bought in ET are tarnished- but I can think of a few people I may pass it along to as well. hmmm

abby said...

I love the necklace. My son has been home for a couple of years now but I wish I would have brought more home from Ethiopia with us. Thanks for sharing what you've gathered.

Amy said...

The ncklace is beautiful...I love the Ethiopian angels reference. My daughter will be 4 in June, she has been with me for three years. This necklace would be a wonderful keepsake for her.


kimberly petit said...

Hi Nikki,

We have been waiting for a referral for close to 27 months and never thought it would be this long. We have thought about leaving the program on numerous occasions...but we have decided to hang in there...but the wait as you know is long, hard and full of ups and downs.

We do have one birth daughter who is almost 6 and I will probably have my 46th birthday before she comes home...it is just crazy, so much time is passing by.

At night the heart ache has become to great. We used to include her in our prayers with our daughter at night, but now they are silent prayers...it has become too confusing for Eliana, and it breaks my heart to think that the four of us may never be together.

I have wanted a piece of Tracy's work, but up to this point have never taken the steps to acquire one. At this point, having it around my neck may represent a physical manifestion of the angel we are holding in our hearts, an angel we hope to see and hold. At this point she is just a dream, but she is a dream we hold on to.

If I were to receive the necklace I would wear it with humility and hope, a prayer around my neck..

I imagine that this was a really tough decision and that you probably still have mixed emotions. It is very kind of you to be giving this away and my heart and prayers go out to you.

In Hope,

Jenny-CA said...

We have twins from Ethiopia that have been home for now a little over a year. It is a beautiful necklace and would be cherished by our family. Good wishes to your family!

Tammy said...

This is beautiful! You already know how much I love these necklaces - I have one that is part of my every day wardrobe. If I win, I will pass it onto a dear friend who has adopted children from Ethiopia - she doesn't own one yet.

Also, sorry to hear that you had to come to the difficult decision to let go of your hopes to adopt from Ethiopia. I know how hard and painful this must be for you. Let the peace of God rule your heart!


Sarah said...


It's nice to "meet" you! Thank you for sharing your story on my blog today...I'm going to follow you! Maybe we'll travel together?!?!

Ryan and Ann Schlenner said...

Hi Nikki!

I really love this necklace and I would be very humbled if I won it. There is absolutly no reason I deserve this necklace because I have been so blessed in my life. I have three beautiful, healthy, intellegent babies that my husband and I have adopted internationally. And our 3rd daughter, Ahnya, is from the amazing country. Our family is healthy and we are grateful for each other every day!

I do not own an Ethiopian necklace and I do wish I would have bought one for myself when I was in ET 2 years ago. I bought things for everone else and forget about me! If I had this neckace I would wear it proudly and then pass it down to my daughter when she is older. I believe everything happens for a reason in life and I would share this story of how I occured the necklace and the meaning behind it, too.

It's a rainy day here in southwest MN...so we're making our own sunshine!!!!

Thanks, Ann