Where we are at with waiting for "C"...

Here an update on our adoption now that our I800A approval came back!

1.  CHSFS will now submit our I800 application packet to NBC Hauge Unit (3 weeks)
2.  CHSFS will submit our dossier and DS-230 to "C's" orphanage
3.  Orphanage will receive our dossier
4.  NBC Provisional Approval, CHSFS will notify orphanage
5.  Orphanage sends DS-230 with a visa photo to the U.S. Embassy
6.  Orphanage sends dossier copy to CARA for issuance of NOC (No Objection Certificate) (1-2 months)
7.  U.S. Embassy in New Delhi issues Article 5 letter to CARA for issuance of NOC (3 weeks)
8.  CARA issues NOC and our case is filed in Family Court
9.  The Family Court will hold 3/4 hearings before verbal guardianship is granted (2 months)
10.  2 weeks after verbal guardianship, the orphanage will receive written court order
11.  Orphanage applies for and receives "C's" Indian passport.  We can now make our travel plans!
12.  We arrive at the Orphanage to receive "C" and fly to New Delhi to complete our visa process

Our trip to India will probably be a two week stay and we are told that we should not plan on a certain time frame or month that we will be traveling in.  With international adoptions, things happen that are out of our control.  An estimate for the process is 4-7 months.  We are hoping that we are, of course, on the shorter side of the spectrum but we are trying to give the process over to God and have faith in him.


The Amundson Family said...

So excited for you!!

No Greater Love said...

I love that you wrote this time line out. I will probably look at it numerous times. :) We're praying the process is on the shorter end, so you can have C home with you SOON! .

Christy. said...

Praying it's on the 4 month end! I can't wait to see you with your sweet girl!!

Brad and Renae said...

Nikki- I noticed your comment on our blog...thanks so much.. I'm going to start following yours too - we are still hoping by Christmas, but we're told it will likely be Jan - March timeline until we travel.... we just can't wait. ~Renae

Anonymous said...

We want to adopt from India also.
What did your agency say about CARA not taking new dossiers until September 30 ??
All on Gods time ... He got the orphan and window in his hands.