I'm all done with my international travel shots as of today!  Cory should be finished by the end of the day tomorrow!  We're excited to have one more thing behind us!


No Greater Love said...

Ohhh.....so jealous. I haven't even started mine, because I HATE SHOTS...so I am procrastinating...a lot. But the kids started their shots. So, at least they are covered.

Congrats!!!!! So excited for you.

Michelle said...


Julie & Patrick said...

Thrilled that you are so close to being united to your newest family member. We are hosting a Diwali party this Saturday and since we will be celebrating new beginnings we are writing the names of the Indian children who have not yet joined their families and the names of families not yet matched with their Indian chidlren on a sky lantern that we will fly, in the hopes that their "new beginnings" will come soon. I will add baby "C" to the list of name. My girls are so excited for this.

Thanks for the kid words on my blog too.


PS Hooray for no more travel shots too!

Sarah said...