I was changing the layout on my blog because it was so hard to search for a certain post and somehow I lost ALL of the blogs that I follow!  As many of you know, having connections with other adoptive mommies really helps you as you wait for your child and especially once you've arrived home...so if I don't have your blog listed on my sidebar, could you please leave me a message with your blog address so I can again add it to my list of blogs?!
Thanks so much and have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!


Auburn said...

Ugh! I know the feeling! ...beautiful July 4th pics!

No Greater Love said...

Oh no....all your craft ones are missing, too. :) I tried calling you yesterday.....I MISS YOU....that is why I am commenting on this post, even though my blog is already on your roll. :) hee hee.

Okay...I am off to watch some FOOD NETWORK. Seriously, Caleb and I need to start a mom/son blog...he's my mini-me.