Busy, busy, busy...

I've wanted to blog about a hundred times over the past month or so, but it's hard to know what to write about lately AND it's even harder to find time to sit down and write.

Things here have been going well.  I watch two of the sweetest little boys during the week and the girls absolutely adore both boys.  It's been very good for both girls to have other kids to play with and Charu's speech is exploding!  I only wish that everyone was able to see how far she has come...it's truly amazing!

We had Charu's 3 year old doctor's appointment in September and her doctor was AMAZED at her speech and how far she's come!  Charu has grown about 3 inches since coming home, however she's still only 24 lbs.  We are hoping she starts gaining some weight in the near future.  Her doctor commented on Charu's talking numerous times and was completely blown away that she was meeting all of her developmental milestones.  This is coming from a little girl who wasn't meeting any of them just 9 months prior!  Charu is amazing and Allie is such a wonderful sister/teacher/playmate for her!  They are going to be such amazing friends through the years!

At her doctor's appointment, Charu's doctor did notice that she had a heart murmur.  Up until this point, Charu had never sat through an appointment long enough for a doctor to listen to her heart.  There were some red flags that our doctor noticed and she referred us to a pediatric cardiologist.  We had to wait two weeks before we could get in to see her, but were beyond relieved when they said that although her murmur was very noticeable Charu's heart is healthy!  BIG RELIEF to us all!  That night we were finally able to sleep!  Thank you God!  Two days later we headed back to the Children's Hospital to see Charu's pediatric endocrinologist who said she was growing and healthy.  He, too, commented numerous times at how far she has come!  Such a wonderful thing to hear!!!!

Charu is close to being potty trained!  She has an occasional accident, but does really well throughout the day.  We also got rid of her bottle.  When we picked her up from her orphanage, they still had all of the kiddos on bottles (I think for the calories).  Many adoptive families that have been there, done that advised us to not push getting rid of the bottle and/or potty training too early...so we just went with it and things seem to be going really well.

Allie has started back at school and is LOVING it!  Believe it or not, she has gotten in to trouble a little for talking too much...not sure where she gets that from!  LOL!  Allie is over the moon in love with any type of art project, coloring/drawing, and scrap booking with mom.  She is so creative and has a very vivid imagination, I can't wait to see some of her writing projects in first and second grade!!!

People who know Allie know that she is probably one of the most inquisitive little kids ever.  She is constantly asking questions about the world around her and wants to know how/why things happen and work.  Over the past few months, she's started to ask more questions about her birth family and her adoption.  We've always been very open with Allie about her adoption and really want her to know that she can come to us with any of the things she's feeling over the years.  There have been some pretty tough moments and some difficult questions, but I'm sure that there will be many more over the years.  So far, I don't think that Cory and I have been too caught off guard and we just pray that over the years God continues to heal both of our daughters' hearts.

Allie and I are very excited because we are going to have a girls night in a couple weeks.  Her and I are both going to get our hair cut and our nails done together...a long overdue mommy/oldest daughter day!

I was asked to do a long term subbing position at the school I used to teach at.  The position would have started in February and would run through the rest of the year.  Although I do miss teaching, Cory and I decided that it wasn't what was best for our family at this time.   Our lives have changed so much over the past year and the things that I used to think were important all of a sudden aren't.  It's amazing how our priorities and our minds can change over time!

With that, I think I've sort of caught most of you up on our day to day life.  We are busy enjoying every day and praying that after the first of the year we can begin our next adoption.  There are big things coming for the Paulzine family...I can feel it!!!!


Sarah said...

Very fun to read your update! Grace was 24 pounds at 4 years old, and still hasn't hit 40 pounds at 8 years old. But, her doctor said she's just little, but growing and healthy. All of the Indian children I have met are pretty tiny and it sounds like Charu is doing great.

That's exciting news regarding another adoption! I can't wait to read more.

Brad and Renae said...

Love the update -- I was wondering how long potty training may take. It seems a LONG way off for us :) I'm gonna email you a quick note :)

No Greater Love said...

What an awesome update. :) So happy things are going so well....and it was SO fun finally talking last night. :) Yippeee for starting an adoption next year....can't wait.

Love you,

JJ said...

Thank you for that update. Glad that your worries were laid to rest by the Peds Cardiologist. You have 2 wonderful girls and you are an inspiration to me with the things that you do with the girls. Thank you.

Auburn said...

What a great update. Thanks for including us on the big and little things.
You know we (adopting moms) soak up every word! :)