Prayers being sent across the ocean!

Before we left for Kerala last year, many people told me that there would be a few children in the orphanage that would capture our hearts and we would forever pray for them.  I knew it was going to be hard for us to be in Charu's orphanage and love on all the sweet, beautiful little kiddos and then leave without them.

As we walked into Charu's orphanage and began meeting and playing with all of the little ones, two precious little angels (other than Charu) quickly captured our hearts.  For the next two days, we loved on all of the little ones that were in Charu's toddler room.  Time and time again, these two little lovies ended up in our laps.  Although many of the children in Charu's room were matched with families, we were told that neither one of these two little angels had families.

Since our time at SKB Cory and I prayed like crazy about both of the two children (S & N) whom had captured our hearts like I never could have imagined.  We prayed every night (and continue to to this day) specifically for both S and N.  I kept begging Cory to allow me to check with CHSFS to see if there was any way that we could adopt one of these two little ones.  Cory assured me that we needed to wait before starting another adoption and I knew he was right.  In my heart I just prayed that S and N would have families soon.

Fast forward to May when my sweet bloggy friend, Mer, e-mailed me and told me about a woman (J) who had found her and was adopting from SKB.  I was so excited to hear about J and soon was in contact with her.  It didn't take long before I learned that sweet, beautiful little N was J's daughter!!!!  N had a family!!  I literally cried tears of joy!

It's been so fun being able to join in on J's process of adding N to her already beautiful family!!!  And get this... J left yesterday to bring N home!  Sometime tonight when I'm sleeping J & N are finally going to meet!!!  I get choked up just thinking about their first interactions, hugs, oooooh-ma's (kisses), and all the other wonderful things that J is going to experience.

If you have a minute or two today and over the next couple weeks, could you please say a prayer for sweet J and precious N?!   This journey is one that has many ups and downs and I just pray that God can be there to support J in every way possible.   I'd also like to ask that you pray that little N's heart begins to open up to J early on...

Thank you so much and I hope I can share more about J's journey someday!!


Sarah said...

I would loveto hear the whole story! Praying for this family.

Peter and Nancy said...

This is just amazing. What a gift that God let you see the results of your prayers . . . He is so good! Do you know if J keeps a blog?? I would love to follow their trip . . . :o)

Nikki said...

No blog Nancy, but I can forward you any e-mails/updates I receive. She follows your blog as well!!! What's your e-mail?!

Kerala is 11 1/2 hours ahead of us, so she's probably going to meet her daughter in just a few hours!!! I just can't wait to hear news!!!!

Peter and Nancy said...

My e-mail is pleschke@sbcglobal.net. Thanks for indulging me!!

I just read your last update -- your girls are doing so well! What a resilient little girl to have caught up so quickly with language and other milestones. And Allie must be so perceptive to be asking such complex questions already. Two little smarties you have there.

No Greater Love said...

I am definitely praying for J. I cannot wait to hear news from her. I can't believe it is finally happening!!! And I can't wait for the day you travel to Kerala with her. :)

Brad and Renae said...

I love stories like this ... God is sovereign :)

JJ said...

Nikki, I just saw this post... I have been soooo busy after bringing sweet N home!!! Thank you so much for your prayers and your support and encouragement. I thought of you, and Mer and Renae, and Kristen as I flew into Kerala, and I knew that your prayers were with me... N did open up to me pretty quickly all thanks to the many prayers... Nancy, I do not have a blog, but I am part way convinced that I should... I love you adoptive moms who have been there as a great source of support and strength for me along this journey. Thank you, Nikki for picking me up when I was down, sharing with me my baby's stories and photos. I'm so blessed for the time you spent with her, loving on her, a whole year before i even got to hold her in my arms. Thank you all for your prayers. My travels in India went without a hitch, and I know that we were all being watched over by our ever faithful Lord. I was able to spend some time with little S who is doing great, but still does not have a family. So we continue to pray for him among along with the other children at the orphanage. Thank you all!