A few pictures

Here are a few pictures of Charu in her Indian clothes.  I was planning on taking pictures of both girls in their outfits, but we were staying at my parent's house for a few days and I forgot part of Allie's outfit at home.  Oh well, we'll have to take pictures again soon!

I'm hoping to be able to get back into actually writing posts on the blog instead of just posting pictures...soon, I promise!!



I was changing the layout on my blog because it was so hard to search for a certain post and somehow I lost ALL of the blogs that I follow!  As many of you know, having connections with other adoptive mommies really helps you as you wait for your child and especially once you've arrived home...so if I don't have your blog listed on my sidebar, could you please leave me a message with your blog address so I can again add it to my list of blogs?!
Thanks so much and have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!


Some pictures from 4th of July

Yesterday morning we went to a historical train museum in a local town.  Sarah (our old neighbor) works there, so she was our tour guide and her mom went along with us.  It was a fun time and Allie learned a lot about trains and history!  Charu wasn't too interested in it since it was in the upper 90's with a ton of humidity while we were there!