It's been a crazy last few weeks. With Jen gone to China, I offered to help "teach" her dance classes at her studio. It was fun seeing what Jen does after school, but I'm not sure how much "help" I really was. It's a great deal of work and It'll be nice to be home after school with Allie now.

Last week, Allie caught that awful cold that was going around. That made for a pretty miserable week! I'm SOOO ready for summer!!!

As far as the adoption goes...

We heard from Children's Home Society, they did receive all of our information and since we already attended all of the classes required for our program...we are ready for our social worker to write our homestudy. We are hoping that we are able to set up an appointment to begin that process within the next two weeks. I'll just be nice to have our homestudy complete and be able to begin our next set of paperwork that's required.

Other than that, not much new! Have a great week and we'll post pictures soon!