Junk Posse

There is this amazing woman (Junk Posse) who makes adoption jewelry and donates 30% of her proceeds to adoptive families. I LOVE all of Tracey's jewelry, but this is the one that I really want:

Before I purchase this necklace, I would like her to add another charm for Allie. Kind of like a mother's ring, just a little more unique than that. Tracy personalizes the items for you, so I'd eventually like to get baby E's name on the back of his/hers. I just can't figure out what to write on Allie's (besides her name on the back).

PLEASE...does anyone have any good brainstorms???

All I can think of is "Our first miracle," "Our first blessing," or "My sweet pea."

What do you think?!!?!?!

Just in case you are interested here are some more awesome necklaces from Junk Posse:

This is her newest necklace. It's an angels wing that's in the shape of Ethiopia with a crystal and a charm on it that says LOVE. How cool is that???