There should be a warning label on Oxy Clean...

This morning Cory and I were working on deep cleaning the house. I was scrubbing everything down as he was working on laundry. I went to scrub the toilet and was out of toilet bowl cleaner. Hmmm....I HATE a dirty toilet.
So, I decided to use my ever favorite Oxy Clean. (After all, Oxy Clean can get dye out of clothes...I figured it should work great to clean the toilet.) I sprinkled some in the toilet and decided to just let it sit for a while. Well...when I came back later the toilet wouldn't flush. Apparently the Oxy Clean and the 2000 flushes that I always have in my toilet reacted and the Oxy Clean formed a kind of cement in the bottom of the toilet!!! We ended up having to use a chisel and a hammer to break it apart!
Needless to say, my husband is a less than impressed with me right now!
p.s. He wasn't impressed that I was snapping pictures either!!!


newmomma2b said...

Hi Nikki, glad you found me!! I see you're in SW MN, too! How cool is that. I'll follow your blog and see how your wait continues. It's a crazy ride...but soooo worth it!!!!


Anonymous said...

how come I didn't get to hear about this fun you were having next door?!!!
Buttercup's Mom