2 year height and weight

We had Allie's 2 year doctor's appointment yesterday. It's always fun to see where she falls on the charts and how much she has grown. I have always known that Allie's tall, but I was shocked when they actually measured her yesterday. Allie is (at age 2) 38 1/2 inches tall and weighs in at 34 pounds even! She continues to be off the charts in both height and weight. I wonder what age she's going to pass me up (FYI- I'm only 5 ft 3 in tall)!!!


Tammy said...

Wow! She is tall! At age 3, Samson is 1 inch shorter than Allie. I'm 5'3 too and pray that all my kids pass me up because I don't like being short.

Happy Easter!!

Michelle said...

Holy smokes!!! She is TALL! Joslyn is 26lbs and 33inches! Allie would tower over her! Love the bday pics!