Within these walls...

Isn't it amazing how hard it can be to move?! I'm not just talking about the ever daunting task of packing up all your belongings only to have to unpack them later. I'm talking about leaving a place that has been your home for so long. As I look around our tiny, yet adorable little home I am reminded of what we've been through within these walls.

It was within these walls that we experienced the roller coaster of emotions often experienced with infertility. It was within these walls that Cory would give me shots every night, only to find out weeks later that all of our efforts were in vain. It was also here where we comforted each other a year later when we learned that our dream of becoming pregnant was over.

Within these walls we decided to pursue adoption as a way of building our family. It was here that we completed the mounds of paperwork, met with social workers, and completed our "dear birthparents" profile.

It was within these walls we learned about Adam (failed adoption) and dreamed of him being our first child. It was here that Nancy and Ray came and helped us prepare for our precious little boy whom we thought would be joining our family. Then ten days later, it was within these same walls that we learned that this dream of parenting Adam was over. We were broken, but we had hope.

It was within these walls weeks later that we learned about "T" and we began to pray hard for both T and her unborn child. It was here that we nervously waited for "T" to give birth and it was here that we brought our precious little girl home 13 days later.

"T" came to meet Allie for the first time when she was a little over a week and a half old. It was an amazing day filled with laughter, joy, pain, and tears. That day is a day that will forever be held in our hearts and it's a day that unfolded within these walls.

Within these walls, we've watched this precious little baby grow into an active, baby loving, talkative little 2 year old who couldn't be more loved and adored. We've made so many memories here as a family of three...waiting and praying to become a family of four.

We will always remember this home for every memory that was captured within these walls. So as we pack our last few boxes, I am thankful for the past 3 years of memories that happened here and we can only hope that the next house brings us as much joy as this one did.

We'll post pictures soon!


Tammy said...

Wow - the memories you will forever cherish! Amazing how much can happen in 3 years. Praying for a smooth transition to your new home.