One year waiting

When a couple is pregnant, they have many milestones that helps them to get through the 40 weeks of waiting for their newest little miracle to arrive. With adoption, the milestones aren't as frequent and often times are (from our experience) celebrated more on a private level.

On June 5 we celebrated a big milestone in our journey to our baby E (or baby E's if it's twins...wink wink), we celebrated our one year anniversary of being on "the list." One year officially waiting! Can you believe it?

We know that we are now one year closer to our second child, however it's hard not to think about the changes that have happened since we began this journey to baby E. When we began this adoption, we were hoping to be receiving a referral right about now. We were hoping that by the end of the summer, we would be in Ethiopia and that I would take this entire school year off. The reality is that we have at least another year before we receive a referral and then at least 4-6 months before we are home as a family of four. I pray that our time line doesn't extend longer than that...