Allie's version of getting "baby E" at 2 years 3 months old

Me: "Allie, how are we going to go get your brother or sister?"

Allie: "Mommy go up in de air in airpain!"

Me: "That's right! Where is mommy going?"

Allie: "To Opiopia!"

Me: "Ethiopia, that's right! What's Allie going to do?"

Allie: "Allie stay with daddy, eat supper. Allie be fine, it's okay."

Me: "Why can't Allie come with mommy to Ethiopia?"

Allie: "Lots of pokies (shots), ucky pokies!"

Me: "Yeah, mommy has to get lots of pokies to go to Ethiopia. What is Allie going to do with Baby E when he/she gets home?"

Allie: "I change baby E's diapers. Baby E poops alot!"

***This conversation happens a lot at our house...she loves to talk about baby E and we love hearing it! We did get it on tape, but we are having trouble uploading it...we'll try again later!