Drawn From Water

There is a tribe in a Africa that has a culture rich in tradition. However, this tribe lives in fear of evil spirits who they believe bring ill fortune to their villages. They use the word "Mingi" to describe persons they consider cursed or otherwise imperfect. Those deemed Mingi face severe consequences, as they believe the presence of these children on their land curses the tribe. Their solution to this perceived threat is to drown Mingi children in the river.

An organization called Drawn From Water (DFW) has formed to rescue children from tribes who face the death penalty because of this superstitious tribal practice (Mingi). DFW now runs an orphanage for the children they have rescued and continue their rescuing efforts. A few of the children have already been placed with their forever adoptive families. They currently care for more than 20 children in their orphanage. The first children were literally rescued from the very same river where they would have been drowned, which is how they chose the name, Drawn from Water.

A few families who have adopted children from Ethiopia and want to give something back to their child's homeland have gotten together and created T-Shirts to sell in hopes of raising awareness of this practice in some African tribes and to raise money for the running of the DFW orphanage. 100% of the proceeds go toward DFW!!! Check them out today!


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