'Twas the night before school...

..and I am completing the last minute things that are on my to do list and making sure I have the staples that are key for making my first day of school a success: lesson plans, marshmallows, and Diet Coke with lime.

Lesson plans are completed weekly, I've never understood how some people write lesson plans weeks in advance. Maybe someday I will be able to be that organized, but for now one week ahead of time works in my world. Mmmmm...Diet Coke with lime...Without my caffeine fix tomorrow morning, it is highly unlikely I will be able to keep up with the 20 darling children who are about to run my life for the next 185 school days. 

Oh, and the marshmallows you ask? Those are a fun and not so unique way to teach my first graders to walk through the hallway quietly. Let’s see…lesson plans, check...coffee ready to brew in the morning, check...clothes laid out for the week for both Allie and myself, check...marshmallows and skittles (another get to know you activity), check and check…and last, but certainly not least, one case of diet coke with lime, check! I think I’m ready!

Cory’s already upstairs snoring, now I just have to try and fall asleep. Impressive, isn't it, that he can sleep with such ease on the eve of my first day of school?! Guess school starting is not nearly as exciting for him...