Making the most of the last few days home with Allie!

Today is the last official day of summer vacation. Of course, there's still the weekend between me and my first day back, but this is the last day that Allie and I will spend together - just the two of us. Like any good mommy, we decided that we should do summer out in style. Baking cookies from scratch (this coming from a 2 year old that thinks that all cookies come in precut break apart pieces that you pull apart and bake) in the morning, a great picnic for lunch, a little swimming in the afternoon, and a two hour nap for both mommy and Allie!
I can't express enough how badly I wish I could stay at home and love her (and her brother/sister) to pieces every day! I'm not sure who's going to have a harder time with me going back to school!


Theresa said...

OMG - she is SOOOOO cute! What a lucky momma you are! Looks like you all had lot of fun together too!