November 2008

There were 3 referrals last week through our agency to 3 families.  It sounds like the matching was to families that have been waiting since the very end of November 2008.  That means that people who are now being matched with their children have been waiting approximately 2 years.  The date that our dossier arrived in Ethiopia is June 5, 2009.  That means that we have just over 6 months until we're at that 2 year mark.  In the grand scheme of things, 6 months isn't all that bad.  My biggest fear right now is that the wait continues to extend and that we don't receive a referral and court date prior to court closure next August.  If we don't make it in prior to court closure, it would be close to impossible for baby E to be home in 2011.

Please continue to pray for baby E and for his/her birth family.  I know in my heart that his/her family could really use our prayers.