We found out that Charu was coming home "soon" on Halloween day, left for India 18 days later, and returned home the week after Thanksgiving.  Since that time, I have only been out of the house four times; to take Charu to a check-up, another time to a specialist to regulate her meds, to drive Allie around to look at Christmas lights after Charu was asleep, and on Sunday we took the girls for a walk.   As you can imagine, I'm a little behind on my Christmas shopping and a lot of it needed to be done online.  As things have trickled in, I just set them aside and said that I would wrap them later.  On Sunday, I decided that I was going to wrap a few presents to put under the tree.  Somehow after I had a few wrapped, I got sidetracked and had to leave the room.  Allie came into the kitchen and asked me if she could have my leftover wrapping paper.  I said sure and kept on doing whatever it was I was doing.  Later, she asked me what I was going to do with the disposable changing pads (we used them when we were in India) that were folded up on the counter.  I said that I was just going to throw them away and she promptly asked if she could have them.  I said sure (thinking she was going to use them with her babies) and before I knew it she was gone.  A little while later, I walked into the living room and saw Allie putting two presents under the tree that she had "wrapped".  She had taken an old date book that my mom had given her and wrapped it up for her daddy for Christmas.  After running out of wrapping paper, she used the changing pads to wrap up some stickers that she was giving to me for Christmas!  She even wrote her name on top and pretended to write ours!  Talk about melting mamma's heart!  Man I love that girl!


Teresa Haase said...

We love Allie...the things that she comes up with are just too cute! Thought it was super cute when you shared this with us...what a thoughtful little girl, who also happens to be our niece! Miss you guys like crazy! Hoping to see you soon! Love you!

No Greater Love said...

That is just too cute!!! :) I cannot wait to see your Christmas pictures this year. Nikki!!!!!! You have TWO girls this year. Can you believe it???? I am beyond happy and excited for you.

Love you,

Brad and Renae said...

How sweet that Allie is. :) ~Renae