Update coming soon!

I will post an update soon...but here are some pictures to tide you over!!!


Brad and Renae said...

Love the pics. Hey, I'm going to email you - but wanted to make sure I should use what looks to be your work email? If you have another email to use - please email it to me.
Continuing to pray for the transition - she's beautiful - and Allie, I'm sure was so happy to have you home.

No Greater Love said...

:o) So good to talk to you, Nikki!

I love the pic's, as usual!!!

Love you,

Teresa Haase said...

Love all of these pictures! Thankful that Allie and Charu love each other already and have started their lifelong friendship! Happy that Charu is doing well at home and hoping that the transition continues to go well...praying for nights filled with sleep by all! Taylor and Kaleb ask continuously when they will be able to meet Charu...know that they are super excited to be able to spend some time with both Charu and Allie, as are we! Love you all! Hugs the girls for us! The Haase's

Tammy said...

What a perfect Christmas you will have together. Too precious!

Peter and Nancy said...

Thanks for taking the time to post in these first tired days! Looks like she's doing so well, and I just love seeing the sisters together.

Julie & Patrick said...

Get photos! What a relief to finally be home and settling.


Sarah said...

Such beautiful girls!

Anonymous said...

I wish there was LOVE button :)

Anonymous said...

Sooo excited for your family! I so remember the first month or so after Sophie came home! EXHAUSTING! It is great to see those beautiful girls smile!

Angie Ziegenhagen

Anonymous said...

Hi, Nikki and everyone! Congratulations on adopting Charu and adding to your family. Thanks for the photos. The girls are just beautiful. It looks like they are having fun together. Keep posting when you can. I'd love to hear how everything is going. Your mom told me Charu has the days and nights mixed up. Hopefully that will change soon!
Love, Aunt Joann