Favorite things at age 3!

I wanted to get all of these posts done ON Charu's birthday, but there never seems to be enough time in the day and my blog often times takes a back seat to life!

Charu's Favorite Things At Age Three!!!

Sweet corn
Sugar snap peas
Ice cream
Anything sweet lately...she has her daddy's sweet tooth I think!  :)

Iced Tea
Almond Milk

Coloring/water colors/finger paint
Crafty type stuff like cutting with a scissors & gluing the pieces together
Water table play
Riding bike
Playing with our dog
Playing with play food & having tea parties
Anything with any animal!!!
Singing & Music

Where Is Thumbkin?
The Farmer In The Dell
Tootie Ta
Twinkle, Twinkle
Old McDonald
Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Five Little Monkeys Swinging From A Tree

Goodnight Moon
The Napping House
Any nonfiction animal book
Pete The Cat
5 Little Monkeys Books
Search & Find Books

She ADORES any animal!  Cats, dogs, cows, pigs, worms, you name it and she LOVES it!  She even wanted (seriously wanted) to pet a snake at the zoo this summer! Oh how I wish I would have had my camera for that!!!

Adores Allie (most of the time)
Loves the two boys that I watch during the week (Connor & Carson)
Hayden & Hallie
She warms up to most kids within about 10-15 minutes and even faster if Allie's there.

Loves any games on my iPhone especially puzzles
Fishing pool (fine motor) game

Mickey Mouse
Max & Ruby

Lion King

Shapes she can identify:

Colors she can identify:
Blue and sometimes green...we are working on it, but at least she randomly names off colors when you ask what color something is.  That's progress baby!

Charu's language has exploded and she is able to articulate herself quite well.  I understand almost everything she says, while people that aren't around her every day probably have a harder time once in a while.  The more comfortable she is in her current situation, the more she opens up and actually engages in a real conversation.

In the mornings, Allie wears whatever I pick out and doesn't really care.  Charu on the other hand points into her closet points her finger in the air quickly waving it saying, "That one!"  I'll take one out and say, "This one?"  She then quickly replies, "No, that one!" again waving her finger at the outfit she wants.  This continues until the outfit she wants comes out and she then says, "Yeah, THAT ONE!"  This comes from a little girl who would live naked 24 hours a day and 7 days a week if she could.  So we've talked about the fact if she picks out the outfit she then has to keep it on all day.  It works pretty well and so we just go with it for now.

All in all, Charu's personality depends on where we are and who's around.  At our house, she's a spunky and feisty little girl with TONS of energy who can at the same time be so very loving and caring.  As soon as someone else is crying or upset, she walks over and tries to console them.
When we are away from our home and in a new setting, she seems to warm up faster than she used to. It usually only takes her 10 to 15 minutes to begin being more open.  She still doesn't like men very much and she does better in small settings than she does in crowds.  Charu does get overwhelmed pretty quickly and then seems to shut down, which is really hard for me to see.

Overall, the progress that she's made in the past 9 months is remarkable.  We still have so many things that we need to continue to work on, but as I look at our youngest daughter I'm constantly amazed by how strong and resilient this little sole is!  We just love her so much and can't wait to see what God has in store for her and our family in the years to come!!!


No Greater Love said...

I love that you do these posts. It is so fun to read about how Charu is doing...and what her likes are. :) I can't believe how her language has exploded either. It is so fun to hear her talking in the background...or even getting to talk to her myself on the phone. Both of your girls are so precious.