Oh how she's grown!

We're so glad we were able to celebrate Charu's birthday WITH her this year!!!  

Charu's first birthday!

Charu's second birthday! 
She's wearing the outfit we sent her in her care package which warmed my heart!

Charu's third birthday!


Sarah said...

Oh, how wonderful to have these photos!!! I'm glad that she is home with you this year!!

Cathy said...

Awesome! So glad you have the pictures and that in a small way you were part of her second birthday too. :)

Peter and Nancy said...

Wow -- how amazing that you have photos of her first two birthdays!

Nikki said...

I know ladies!!! The night before we left the orphanage, the woman who runs it handed me a CD and on it was a 30-40 pictures of Charu over the years. Pictures from when she was a baby, her birthdays, other important days and even her crib/toddler bed! Such a wonderful thing to have! We are so happy to have these pictures now!!!

No Greater Love said...

That is amazing you have these pictures. What a neat post to see all 3 together.