Domestic vs. International

It is probably obvious to anyone who looks at this blog that I am a pro-life, personally motivated adoption advocate. =) But one thing I haven't really taken the time to blog about is why we chose do adopt domestically rather than internationally.
Our choice to adopt an infant from the US (now our sweet little Allie, of course) rather than a child from an orphanage in another country was not an automatic decision. In fact, when we first began looking into adoption, we were heavily leaning towards going international! But we wanted to consider all the options, make an informed decision, and be sure of the Lord's leading. Over time, our desire to adopt internationally did not really diminish, but our desire to adopt domestically grew exponentially!
It seems to me that in the perception of the general public domestic adoption isn't as cool as adopting internationally. People don't understand it, are sometimes afraid of it, and often have false impressions. Shame is sometimes associated with it, apparently left over from the times past when adoption was not often handled very wisely. But regardless of the reasons and misunderstandings, it is definitely a complicated subject, and there is no standardized formula. Every state has different laws, every agency has different policies, and of course many people adopt without using an agency (called independent and/or private adoption).
All these variables make it difficult to discard the myths from the facts unless you are seriously trying to do so. And as a side note: I have yet to see a television show involving adoption where facts are even accurate. It seems writers don't do their research before scripting the shows. We have an interesting drama at the expense of reality (okay, rant over). Now that I am an adoptive mother, people are not as quick to express concerns and ask questions to me personally as they were when we first acknowledged our adoption plans. But I know there is still a need for good info, and I love sharing our story, so I that is one reason that I wanted to continue the blogging that I started shortly after Allie's birth. Through this blog, my hope is that I am able to help another couple know that they are not alone in their walk through infertility and/or adoption.