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1. I spent my afternoon cuddling with little Evie while at the same time playing with Allie! I can't believe how BIG Allie is! Boy I hope that they both sleep through the night!

2. I'm secretly scared out of my mind of adopting again. (Cory doesn't even really know that)Our situation was as close to perfect as it probably could be, and I'm scared of the next one not being that way.

3. I broke my camera over MEA, so I've been searching online for the past week or so trying to find what I want. Any suggestions???

4. I'm in need of a girls shopping day out! This last week was parent-teacher conferences, and boy does that ever wear me out!!! A girls day always seems to do the trick!

5. I LOVE winter!!! Hot apple cider, hot dishes, cuddling up with heavy blankets, and (my favorite) SNOW DAYS!

6. I LOVE blogging!

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The Fransen Family said...

It took me a long time to find you! Allie is so beautiful! I really want to come over and see you guys and bring Johnnie now that she is off o2. Of course, I don't know what it feels like to adopt, but I am terrified to have another baby because of what we went through, and next time it could be worse, so I share some of your emotions! I am here for you. Call me! 507-828-4764