How we became a family...

Three.  That's how many years Allie's been in our lives as of this coming Saturday.  It's hard to believe that there was a time where our energetic, lovable, and happy little girl wasn't in our family.  We continue to thank God for every day that he has given us with her.  I hope that one day she reads this and knows how she was so much more than just a baby girl who was adopted, she was a very intricate part of His plan from the very beginning. 

Cory and I met and fell head over heels for each other about 2 seconds later.  We began dating and less than a year later, on November 27, 2004, we were married.  It was fast, but like many people say when you know you know!

We began trying to get pregnant in April of 2005.  Our plan was to have 3-4 biological children (although it was known that I wanted 8 children...no lie!) and then we would adopt.  I had always wanted to adopt at least one child.  Cory knew that and early on it became something he also wanted to do...someday...

At the end of my first year teaching, an amazingly talented and beautiful person walked into my life. This young woman and I were asked to teach preschool together the following year. We met and within a few hours we began talking about our families. At this time Cory and I were just beginning the infertility process while Kari and her husband had been through the domestic adoption process three times (two successful and one little boy was with them for 5 days before the birthmom changed her mind) with Children's Home Society and Family Services. I truly believe that Kari was placed in my life to guide me through the hurdles Cory and I were about to face.

In August 2006, we began seeing an OBGYN to see if some basic fertility testing/medicines could help us to conceive.  Each month was a roller coaster of emotions.  We went from the highest of highs, when we were certain that I was pregnant, to the lowest of lows, when we came to the realization that this month was not the miraculous month for us. 

By the end of 2006, I was seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist due to my bicorniate uterus and PCOS.  By this point I felt as though my body had failed me.  I was put on this earth to have babies and I couldn't even do that.  How could Cory love me when I couldn't even give him a child?  I saw how much he was hurting and it was because of me, because I was broken.  I began to wonder if he had known about my "problems" before we had gotten married, would he have still married me?! 

I was in such a dark place.  It was a place where I would never want to be again and I would never wish that darkness on anyone.  I felt so alone...and Cory didn't know how to reach me...I finally began leaning on God and Cory and slowly we emerged as a stronger and more faithful couple. 

June of 2007 brought us to a place where we were undergoing our final IUI after 8 failed cycles.  At this point we had to choose, either IVF or adoption.  My heart was for adoption, Cory still needed time.  I prayed harder than I had ever prayed before and a few weeks later Cory attended a wedding of one of his college classmates.  It was at that wedding where he met a little 2 1/2 year old girl who was adopted and he melted.  It was then that Cory decided it was time to begin the adoption process. 

Little did we know that our little Allie would be born 9 months later!

To be continued...


Theresa said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes as we have so much in common in our stories. Allie is so precious and you are so lucky.

Katie said...

Love Miss Allie! Give her big kisses from the Guida's!! I should send her Christma... I mean Birthday present to her soon.

I'm sure she knows how much her mom & dad love her, you guys are awesome parent's to little miss.

And isn't it interesting how God gives us other plans? Seems to be a running theme in our lives, eh? But would we change it if it meant our babes weren't in our lives? Never.

Love ya sista!