Part 3

(I'm writing this for Allie, for couples that may be experiencing the same journey, and so that I will always remember the details.)

When we thought Nezarah was coming to see where Adam would grow up, we decided that we wanted to have his room somewhat done for her.  So we spent the next week preparing Adam's room.  We put up the changing table, painted his dresser, bought baby things galore, and even purchased the crib.  Ironically, the night we found out that Nezarah had changed her mind was the night that the crib arrived.  We decided to still put the crib together and for some reason, it seemed to help us to see that even though Isaiah would never be we would have a baby someday. 

Weeks went on and we prayed so hard not only for our future child, but also for our child's birth parents.  What's difficult when you adopt is that you don't know what to pray for.  If you pray for a child to raise, you know that someone is going to have to go though immense pain in order for that dream to become a reality.  It's hard, so we just prayed for strength for everyone involved. 

During this time, God had something amazing unraveling.  There was a young woman who was 8 months pregnant who had made the difficult decision to make an adoption plan for her unborn baby.  She choose a family for her baby, however due to circumstances in their lives they didn't feel that this baby was right for them.  This young woman and her social worker ("B") were struggling with the news.  Later "T" said that she felt like this baby was such a gift and someone saying no to him/her was tough.  The next afternoon "B" was in her office and in comes Nezarah's social worker who heard about this birth mom and thought that she knew the perfect family for the baby.  She told "B" that she really fell in love with this young couple who wanted desperately to become parents and thought that "T" should look at there profile.  She did...that profile was ours...and the next day we received a phone call that would forever change our lives.

To be continued...