I just found out that next year we will be starting a k-2 technology push next year at my school!  What does this mean to me and my classroom?  I will have at least 10 Ipads in my classroom alone!  That means that I should have a 2:1 student to Ipad ratio!  I'm so excited and can't wait to find tons of resources.  If any teachers read my blog and have any resources that they would like to pass on to me...I'd be so thankful!

I'm off to do mommy things and can you guess what I'll be doing at nap time?!?  Probably searching for Ipad ideas!!!  : )


No Greater Love said...


Well, I'm not a teacher, but just in case you haven't found this site yet...here's some ipad applications that might be helpful. http://certificationmap.com/5-great-ipad-apps-for-k-2-teachers/

Well, I'm off to fill out more paperwork! :)