Picture book suggestions

I sent off our I-800 and I-864 this morning...one step closer to our little "C"!  We are now working (what seems to be night and day) on our dossier and our post referral dossier.  We have to wait until we get our I-800A approval before we can sign, date, notarize, and have them apostilled.

In the mean time, I've started working on a book to send to "C".  We are encouraged to send a book of pictures to "C" so that the nannies can begin to talk to her about her new home.  In the book we are supposed to have pictures of us as a family, every room of our house including the front and backyard, and of her bedroom.  A website was recommended by our agency that makes custom board books, but when we went to the site it says that they are temporarily closed.

I know about Snapfish and those websites, but does anyone have any good ideas of where I could make a sturdy board book that might work well?  Any ideas would be much appreciated!!


Building Bridges to Orphans said...

I got a cloth book for Abby that had the plastic sleeves for pictures, and crinkly pieces, etc. I got it from Creative Kidstuff. I can't remember how old your daughter is, but regardless the color and sensory things on it might be good.

Theresa said...

I like the suggestion from the first comment but another site to look at is mixbook. Similar to Snapfish and Shutterfly but more custom made and they do seem like great quality. I made a 4x6 paperback book 6 months.