On my list of great loves in my life the first three in Chronological order would be Cory, Allie and "C".  The fourth great love of my life is was my Keurig coffee pot.  I'm sad to say that this morning (after getting MAYBE 1-2 hours of sleep) I rolled out of bed, walked down stairs, reached into the cupboard to get my coffee pod only to see that my coffee pot wouldn't turn on!!!  How on EARTH am I going to make it through teachers meetings all next week and through a year of 20 little 6-7 year olds without my morning Kona coffee?!?!
I'm going to try to live without one for as long as possible.  We'll see how long this lasts!


No Greater Love said...

Mike got me one of those for Mother's Day 2 years ago...but TWO of them died on me....so I gave up on them. Call Keurig though, because after the first one died, I got a brand new one, since it was still under warranty. :)

Christy. said...

We must be long lost sisters... I LOVE our Keurig!! We've had a few break and we just return them to the store we bought them out and get a new one. Take it back!!! ;)