Back to school ramblings...

It's hard to believe that another summer has come and gone.  Cory, Allie and I have soaked up every second of the summer and it's been a summer we'll never forget.  Instead of taking thousands of pictures, I selectively captured important moments and allowed myself to enjoy all of the rest of the summer fun.  Even though I LOVE to take pictures, sometimes I get so caught up in the pictures that I forget to enjoy the moment.

I knew that this summer would (fingers crossed) be the last summer that Allie has our sole attention.  Next summer we will have two little daughters to love on and as wonderful as that sounds, we don't underestimate how different that is going to be for us.

Allie has had so much fun in my classroom this summer helping me prepare for the upcoming school year.  It's been fun to make the memories with her and I look forward to many years of our girls helping mom get her classroom ready.

Tomorrow I will be meeting and getting to know the 19 little darlings that are going to be my focus for the 2011-2012 school year.  I'm excited to get to know each one of them and find out what it is that makes each one of them special.  I am implementing many new things in my classroom this year which is always refreshing while I'm also continuing with the Daily 5, LIPS, VV, Visual Phonics, Calendar Math, and numerous other things we've implemented throughout the last 2 years of my first grade teaching assignment.  I'll be a great day, but I'll also miss being will Allie every day!!!

Next week, Allie will begin her first year at preschool.  She's very excited to go to school and her classroom is actually right next to mine (which I pray goes well).  Her teacher is one of my best friends who just adopted the little baby boy in one of my recent previous posts.  The adoption is a HUGE blessing, but VERY last minute (they only knew about it for 11 days!)!!!  So...Allie will now start the year out with a different teacher, but Kari should be back a couple of months into the school year.  Allie was all ready to have Kari as her teacher, so I hope having a different teacher at the beginning will go smoothly that first day.

I'll post pictures of Allie's first day soon and I hope everyone is doing well and has a great first few weeks of school!!!


No Greater Love said...

I do think this will be your last summer as a family of 3, so I am so glad it was so special! :) And I can't wait until next summer, because that will be so special too! But, you will have to pick up the camera a little more, so we can see all of the "firsts." :)

I hope this school year is absolutely wonderful!!!! And I'm glad you'll be so busy during this WAITING period!!!!

:) Mer