Article 5

I received an e-mail today that our Article 5 was approved...which is great news.  Now I'm not sure what's going to happen or maybe I should say when something is going to happen.  The next step is to have the NOC (takes typically 1- 2 months) issued by the federal government of India called CARA, however CARA isn't looking at dossiers until (we have VERY conflicting information about the date) October 1st.  Another issue that sounds like we may have is that December is a month full of holidays in India and there are many days where government offices are closed.  After we have the NOC, we are issued a court date and our court date takes about 2 months.

We really had hoped to have C home by the end of the year, unfortunately it looks like that's now impossible.  We've shed more than a few tears over the past couple of weeks wishing that C was here.  I know that many people say that it's all in God's plan, however I don't believe that's true.  It's not God's will that C is in an orphanage instead of a family.  It's not God's will that placed her there in the first place.  We know that God loves C and loves us.  We know that He can give us strength and can keep C safe.  We also know that God has helped us find this precious little soul to bring into our family for a reason and that's what keeps us going.  We love you C & Allie can't wait to be your big sister!!!


No Greater Love said...

Yay!!!! I am so happy that another hurdle is over!!!!! And we are still praying that it does happen quickly!!!

Christy. said...

Praying, praying!!! Praying her home quickly!!

Sarah said...

Praying that C will be home soon...so glad that your Article 5 was approved.

Ryan and Ann Schlenner said...

Oh I am sorry. Never say NEVER. We are waiting on immigration paperwork now and once we GET Article 5 we are close TA (travel)! So hoping and wishing and praying that you get that NOC quickly!!!!!!

Hugs to Ms. Allie

from, Ann