I'm SO excited!!! We finally finished all of our reapplication homework/paperwork for Paulzine baby #2!!! We wanted to have it all completed a few weeks ago, but things just didn't go as smoothly as planned. One weekend I had the flu all weekend and another weekend we had family get togethers. We went to get fingerprinted at the same place we did a year and a half ago, but their rules had changed. Instead of being able to get fingerprinted any day of the week, now it's only on Wednesday at 11:00 am! CRAZY!!! For some reason, I fail to believe that Murray County Police Officers are all that busy that they can't do fingerprints on more than one day a week for a couple of hours! Oh well, we're just happy to have it done and sent off. We were told it should be to St. Paul by tomorrow. Hopefully, we'll receive a phone call from our social worker by the end of the week!

On another note, Jen and Jason leave tomorrow morning for China!!! They will travel/sight see until Monday...that's when they will finally meet Addison!!! I can't wait!!! God bless you guys! I'll be praying for good weather, safe travels, and for Addison's transition into your family! Take care and we'll see you in 17 days!


Michelle said...

That's exciting! I can't believe you could have another soon!

Teresa Haase said...

The anticipation is already building for us! Allie is such a blessing and I cannot wait to meet her brother or sister! I'm very excited that this time I'm not in school and will be able to join you if you need me to! I was looking at Jen and Jason's blog and link and I think that is enough tears for one day...amazing! Send me pictures when you get some!

The Fransen Family said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for the two of you. What a blessing that you will be able to give another child such a loving home! I can't wait to meet Allie, also. We really need to make plans soon. Good luck with the next journey to parenthood!