I haven't posted pictures of Allie for a while...it seems as though we've been so busy, we just haven't had a chance to get any good pictures of just her.

Mommy and daddy laugh at me all the time for this...I put things in my mouth (sippy cup, bottle, baby doll) and crawl around the house! Mommy says it's adorable!!!

Hi mommy...I'm awake and I'm ready to play! It just melts mommy and daddy's heart when they come in to get me from my nap and I give them this look!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Allie is just the cutest little doll. She is growing up way to fast. I love the new pictures. Thanks for keeping me updated. I have to get over to see her soon. You are the luckiest parents to be blessed with your sweet darling, Allie.
Love, Lori

Teresa Haase said...

Can you imagine how long Allie's hair would be if it grew as fast as she does? Sadly she still has more hair than Taylor did when she was 1 1/2!