Oh how I love these two little pumpkins!

My girls LOVE music and on Sundays we always listen to kid's church-type music in the morning and in the car.  On the way to church this morning the girls were belting out, "I am so happy, so very happy."  Totally melted my heart to hear Charu (home for 2 1/2 months) sing, "I so hoppy, so hoppy."  Cory looked at me and said she really is happy isn't she?!  Even in the toughest moments...they really adore each other and we are blessed!  I hope and pray that everyone gets to feel this joy we have when we watch our daughters together!  
For those of you wondering, church is still a work in progress!  Some weeks it goes smoothly and other weeks (like today) I leave just thankful we even made it through the service!  ARGH!


Teresa Haase said...

Love these pictures...I want copies of them! Their outfits are super adorable...couldn't resist them when we found them, glad that they got a chance to wear them! Miss you all!

No Greater Love said...

Ahh...I love these pic's. How did you do them?

And I am sooo happy that things are going so wonderful. :) God is good!!!!!

Sarah said...

Oh, they are just precious. I'd love to hear them singing! You'll have to post a video of that!

Tammy said...

I don't think I will hear a homily until the little one is 5. She is a little instigator, always has a smile on her face. Don't you just LOVE their little smiles!!! It makes your worst day become the best! ENJOY!!

Peter and Nancy said...

We didn't do Sunday school until nearly 2 years after our little one came home. We tried at about the 1 year mark, but she would just freak, so it wasn't worth it. But I can listen to our pastor's sermons online, so that was my "church" for a while after not catching much of it in "real" time. :o)

Your girls are just darling!!

Brad and Renae said...

Love it - I can see these sweet faces in the car singing :) Are you able to leave Charu in the nursery - or her little sunday school class? Just wondering how soon that "can" happen. I know I'll be taking (at least planning to) take her to daycare after 3 months for 2-3 days a week.... what do you think, is that possible? I know every child is different...just wondering what you think :)

Thank you so much for all your sharing.....and of course the beautiful pictures.

Nichole said...

Hi Renae!
We went to church for the first time when Charu was home for 4 weeks. We went late (once everyone was already seated) on purpose to avoid crowds of people and we only made it through about 30 minutes before we had to leave. Charu doesn't have a long attention span AT ALL and wants to be down and on the go, however in new places she struggles because she is scared at the same time. We skipped the following week and have went 3 times since. Each time has been a little smoother and we've learned that if I wear Charu it does go better. We don't even enter the nursery at all. I once read that the nursery can be scary to internationally adopted kids even if you are there because the last time they were in a simular environment, you were there to take them away. I think eventually Charu will have to learn how to be away from us, but at this point THERE IS HONESTLY NO WAY SHE COULD DEAL WITH IT! Charu is/has always had such stranger anxiety that I don't know if she's a "typical" example. Sunday school isn't an option at this point either.

As far as daycare goes, I have had friends who have had great success with it. I'm lucky enough to have an amazing principal who has allowed me to have the rest of the year off and I'm thinking about taking next year off as well.

My guess is that since you know that you will be going back to work, you will be able to ease Lauren into daycare. I would create a laminated picture book for Lauren and try to get her attached to something for her to have while you are gone. Those two things to help Charu with transitions and I'm hoping that when I do have to bring her to daycare, it's harder on me than it will be on her!

HUGS as you continue to wait to travel!!!! : ) I can't wait!!!

Brad and Renae said...

I kindof expected this...but somehow I was hoping it would be different. I am very anxious about the idea of leaving Lauren anywhere. I need to begin praying for her little heart right now....or begin praying for a path that allows me to work from home..or take her with me (which doesn't seem possible)... I'm not a gambling girl...but our office did take up a pool to play the powerball lottery.. (and I did chip in my $2, just in case this is the path designed for me...but I'm really thinking it's probably not the case :) That is fabulous you can take off this much time! I'm very happy for you and Cory - you have two amazing little girls :)