Tea party and matching PJ's

My principal sent a gift for Charu the other day and one part of it was a tea party set...I can't get over how much the girls LOVE it!  Charu is constantly requesting, "I tea party" just as plain as day!  Allie is always up for playing pretend and will bring EVERY stuffed animal upstairs to play tea party without hesitation.  

The last two pictures are from this afternoon.  They had a bath after nap and instead of putting another clean outfit on them, I decided to just put them in there PJ's.  I can't get over how much I like putting matching clothes on the girls (and they love it too)!  Charu was sooooo excited when she saw that Allie had a strawberry on her PJ's just like she did!  I know they won't always like to dress in matching outfits, but for now it could be kind of addicting!  I have a hard time finding coordinating outfits though because Charu is in 18-24 clothes (they are even big on her now as she lost two pounds when she was sick) and Allie is in at least a size 6!  Most of the little girl clothes only go to a size 5 and the older girl clothes looks like it should be on a 10 year old!  If anyone knows stores with coordinating outfits for a toddler and a size 6/7, please let me know...I'm searching for Easter dresses!


Sarah said...

ooooohhhh...they are so cute!!

No Greater Love said...

I loooove it!!!! so cute. :)

Peter and Nancy said...

Those strawberry jammies (and the girls in them) are so cute! I've had success finding matching clothes at Lands' End and The Children's Place. We have outlet stores close to us, so I can find things that are reasonably priced. Those two stores do a good job of making girls' clothes look age-appropriate, too.

Michelle said...

Children's Place. They have great discounts online if you don't have one nearby. I have the same issue! Lexi is the same size as Charu and Joslyn is now too big for 4T so I have to look for xs in girls. But I have had a lot of luck there. Love the picture! So cute!