We love books around here and although we've been going to the library once a week to check out books, I like having books that are ours because later I find Allie "reading" the books to Charu.  It's always fun to see how much she remembers about a book a week or two later and the joy she has as she's retelling the story to her sister is priceless!  So...last week I ordered some books from the Scholastic book orders and last night they arrived.  I just wanted to share a few of our favorites thus far!

It's an adorable story about a spoon who is jealous of his friends Knife, Fork and Chopsticks. Then you find out what they're saying they wish they were a spoon! Spoon comes to realize that being a spoon is pretty fun after all. The illustrations are just perfect and very entertaining. It's a short book, but when we read it we really make emphasis on what everyone is saying.  Truly a great lesson in this book for any child!

The Sandwich Swap is a beautiful story that helps children to understand and appreciate the differences of cultures. It is told in a easy to understand format so that audiences of all ages can enjoy.  A must read book for EVERY child!

This book is a wonderful story of unconditional love, coupled with beautiful illustrations. The book starts with a mother tucking her son into bed and saying, "I love you my wonderful child." The son then asks if she would still love him if he were a scary swamp monster, a meat eating dinosaur, or a smelly skunk. Always, the mother answers that she would love him no matter what and would always help and take care of him. It's a positive, uplifting story that both parents and young children will enjoy!

This story isn't necessarily unusual or plot-twisting, but it's a very sweet story about a pig who lives with a foster family of dogs. The photos are great!  Definitely a good way to teach your children about how there are many different types of families and the love families have for one another. 

Cute story with a great message told with lots of rhythm and rhyme about reaching out to others even when it seems impossible.  I can tell Allie will be requesting this one A LOT!

More book suggestions coming soon!


No Greater Love said...

Oh, we LOVE books, too. I'll have to check these out at the library. I don't think we have read any of them. ;)

Sarah said...

Thanks for the suggestions! We loved The Little Pink Pup. We'll have to check out the others. With 5 kids, we often have 50-100 books checked out of the library!

Peter and Nancy said...

We go to the library year-round -- it will be fun to look for these!