Mud Play Dough!

Last week we made mud play dough and the girls have had so much fun playing with it!  I found some creepy bugs, little shovels, and some mini pails at the dollar store and they've been having a blast playing in the "mud" ever since.  I haven't taken pictures of them playing with it, but here are some pictures of them making the dough and the recipe is linked at the bottom if you are interested!

A girl just has to LOVE Pinterest!!!

(Bad picture, but you get the point)

This recipe makes a LOT of dough and the dough stays SO moist!  We are going to make a batch for Allie to take with her to preschool next week, she's so excited!


Sarah said...

Very fun! I'm definitely going to try this one.

No Greater Love said...

So fun!!! And yes, a girl does just have to love Pinterest. :) I made all my Valentine's Day stuff from off of their. One guy we know calls it, "The girl's facebook." ;)

No Greater Love said...

from off of there...not their. It's only 6:19 here, so....I'm not fully awake yet.

Tammy said...

Just want to say, your girls are two of the most adorable I've ever seen.
I'm also going to try this play dough recipe - thanks!