Allie's 4 year check up...

I've been so busy lately with Cory's long hours at work and everything else going on that I hadn't gotten around to posting about Allie's four year check up.  
  • 47.7 lbs
  • 47.5 inches tall
  • 90% for weight
  • Off the charts for height (she's always made her own curve for her height, but this time she increased drastically in her height!)
  • Hearing was great
  • Her eyes were another story.  We need to follow up with an eye doctor...she failed in both eyes.  Looking back on her adoption paperwork, "T"was nearsighted as well as both of her parents and her sister.  I'm guessing Allie will end up with glasses someday.
  • Four shots (I thought that she'd cry a little...but boy can she scream!), finger blood draw, and urine sample (she thought that was the grossest thing she'd ever heard of).  
  • Charu was with us at Allie's appointment and she wasn't very happy with someone hurting Allie!  She stood there, said "naughty" and scowled at the nurse.  I reassured her that Allie was okay and afterwards Charu kissed Allie and said, "All better!"  I probably wouldn't have brought her in normally, but we still don't leave Charu with anyone and she ALWAYS wants to be where Allie is!
  • Allie also went to the dentist for the first time (we had an appointment scheduled back in November, but we ended up having to cancel it because we were in India) about a month ago.  Allie did great (She talked their ear off actually! Surprised? Nope!) and she didn't have any cavities.  The dentist did say that she was going to need braces someday though.  Allie has an underbite as well as a crossbite.  
  • Other than that, Allie is doing great.  I am amazed every day at how smart, kind, and inquisitive she is.  Allie LOVES to learn and I just know that no matter where life takes her through the years, she's going to do great things.  She still aspires to be a mom someday...maybe a teacher too!  LOVE HER!!!


Sarah said...

Oh, I love that Charu said "naughty" and was concerned about her sister!

And I found that with all my kids, 4 years old was the most difficult with shots.

No Greater Love said...

That is super funny that Charu said, "Naughty."

I am worse than my kids when it comes to shots. :) I have to have Mike take them....I'm so wimpy.