Charu's new favorites...

Favorite saying: "Oh man!" (She even uses it in the correct context and with the correct expression as well!  LOL!)
Favorite character:  LOVES anything "Mickey Mou" related!!!
Favorite books: Goodnight Moon, Pinkalicious & The Napping House
Favorite foods:  EVERY FRUIT and most veggies
Favorite toy:  LOVES dress up clothes and babies!  Charu spent a great deal of time yesterday caring for her little babies.  When she wasn't cuddling with them, she was putting them in time out!  Funniest thing I've ever watched!!
Favorite person:  Allie ALL THE WAY!
Favorite activity:  Playing in water!  This girl NEEDS a water table!  Pinterest here I come!

I can't get over how far Charu has come.  When she came home, she wouldn't sit for more than a few seconds.  Charu couldn't make it through even one page of a book.  Now Charu has her favorite books and BEGS for them!  She will sit on the "edge of her seat" listening to the book waiting for the part that she knows and "reads" it with us!  During the Pinkalicious book, she knows what happens on each page and is so excited when we read it!

Charu also likes to look at picture books with animals in them.  She can name almost every farm animal and knows what sound they make.  She also knows the basic zoo animals and the sounds they make.  Her favorite is the zebra and mine is the elephant.  She puts her arm out and pretends it's the elephants trunk and then blows air through her lips to make the elephant sound...sinkin' cute!!

Charu LOVES music and can sing countless songs (mostly Dr. Jean, nursery rhyme songs from when I taught preschool, or christian children's songs) with the melody sung perfectly!  She loves to sing the ABC's and can count to 10 (although she skips #8).

Charu ADORES pretty things and jewelry especially!  "Auntie Kari" came over the other day and had her Brighton bracelets on.  Charu saw them and was enamored by them.  Kari let Charu wear them and she just sat there so proud of her pretties!  When we were in India, there was such a deep love of jewels, gold, and beautiful things.  So when I see Charu with the deep love of jewelry it just warms my soul!

If Charu could spend EVERY WAKING SECOND outside, she would!  She loves to make people laugh and basically loves life.  Most of all Charu is all energy all the time!

As far as her size, Charu has had a tough time gaining weight and keeping it on since coming home.  She's only about 22 pounds now and I'm not sure about her height.  She's wearing 12-18 or 18-24 month clothes still and she wears a size 5 shoe.  She's a peanut with a BIG and spicy personality!  


Sarah said...

Such a sweetheart!

No Greater Love said...

I love that you do these updates....it is so fun to read how Charu is doing...and what she loves. :)

Peter and Nancy said...

It's so good to write these kinds of things down, or we mamas tend to lose our specific memories of exactly when things happen. What a great future gift you're giving to Charu. :o)

Julie & Patrick said...

This brings back so many memories! It is so good to hear about this transformation that comes from being in a loving environment. Cant' wait to hear how this list of fun things changes as she grows!


Brad and Renae said...

I love these updates! It's so much fun hearing how she's doing, you put such life into your writing, it's like we are right there listening to her ourselves... love that, sweet friend.