Happy Easter!!!

On Pinterest, I saw an idea where you plant jelly beans the night before Easter and the next morning they've "grown" into suckers!  We decided it would be cute to do this year and Allie was beyond excited about it, Charu just liked eating the jelly beans and the suckers..she's a candy lover!

We went to my parent's house for Easter dinner and for our annual Easter  Egg Hunt.  My sister and her husband were unfortunately gone (on vacation), but her kids were still able to be there.  We had fun and Charu caught on to the Easter Egg Hunt after the first couple of eggs.  I think if she would have known what was in the eggs, she probably would have been more excited about the hunt!!!

We've been having a hard time going to church lately.  It seems like every time we go, people are so excited for us and they end up trying to touch or grab Charu.  Each week, we felt like we were taking steps back in regards to Charu's behaviors and her attachment toward us.  It's been hard to not go to our church because we do love it so much, but we know that it's better for Charu to feel safe with us before put in those situations again.

We've been doing a lot of reading of bible stories, singing praise songs, and just talking about God with Allie.  With that we spent a great deal of time talking with Allie about the real meaning of Easter.  It's amazing to listen to Allie talk about the bible and how much she can really comprehend at her age!  She has an amazing love for Christ and I pray that her love continues to grow as she does!  


Peter and Nancy said...

What a cute idea for growing jelly beans. :o) We had the same problem with church, and I didn't go at all for two months after Anya Rashi came home. (My husband is on staff at our church, and we knew people would be all over her!) When Anya Rashi and I did start going, we came a little late on purpose, got the boys to their Sunday school rooms, and then I stayed in the lobby with her. We have a TV monitor there, so I could hear worship & the sermon, without going into the parents' room. Then when service was over, we hightailed it out of there! I didn't try putting Anya Rashi in Sunday School for over a year, and then she didn't like to be left, so I think it was when she's been home 2 years that she stayed in Sunday School. After she'd been with us a while, I would take her into church with me for worship (so she could be noisy), and listen to the sermon in the parent room or lobby. Just wanted to share what worked for us -- I know I missed being at church, but we figured out ways to get the best of it while protecting Anya Rashi from curious people who wanted to love on her. You're doing a great job of observing how Charu is doing!

Brad and Renae said...

Sweet pics... I have a feeling we will have a problem at church too, although our church is small..about 100 people or so, but that might make it more of an issue of everyone coming up... we'll see, but don't plan to go for several months. I'm sure we will miss it too.