9 months!

At Allie's nine month appointment, she was off the charts in both height and weight again! Allie is 32 1/2 inches long and is 25 pounds 2 ounces! She's meeting all of her benchmarks and is right on target developmentally for her age. She just had another slight ear infection. We have another check-up this Friday to make sure that it's gone. We'll keep our fingers crossed!
She's now pulling herself up to a standing position and she'll "walk" all the way down the couch as long as she's holding on! The other night she even went from a plastic tub with toys in it to the couch! She's also developed quite a personality. If you know Cory at all, you'll understand when I say that she has his personality. She loves to make people laugh and when she does, she has this fake little giggle that she does. It's adorable (insert mommy biased here) and it makes everyone laugh!!!
All in all, Allie's doing great and we are loving every minute of it!!!


Teresa Haase said...

We cannot believe how fast time goes and that Allie is nearing her first birthday! It was great being able to spend Christmas Eve together...we love seeing all of the new things that Allie is learning! Hopefully we can get together again soon! Pretty sure that by the time Allie hits middle school she will have passed you up in height! Taylor enjoys reminding me that she is getting taller and catching up to me all of the time! Love, The Haase's

Michelle said...

Wow she is a big girl!! Love all of the adorable pics!!

Tifanie said...

Great to hear that she is doing so well. It's still amazing how fast they grow. I can't believe she is closing in on "1" year. Time flies too fast.